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Who did you tell; a friend, anyone who would listen? A lamppost? A notepad, vision board, a finely detailed outline of your next ten years, a SMART goal? A mantra, a yoga visualization, a persuasive pitch to God? 

Just let go. That is what two of my friends recently told me. Each time I knew, yup, they are right. I am doing it again. I am trying to hustle forth my agenda, instead of letting go and trusting what is happening. Oh the irony, how we can slow things to a standstill when we are in the biggest rush of all. 

How do we let go when we know exactly what we want? Why would we? Go get it grrl. Right?  

When I was in my early twenties I had a naturopath say, “think of it like labor. You don’t want to have a premature birth.” There is a compassion and wisdom in the the time it takes. Yelling “move dammit!” just isn’t it. 

Patience doesn’t always feel like a virtue. It can feel like waiting. What is enlightened about waiting? We live in the age of “you can have your cake and eat it too,” “if you can dream it you can achieve it,” hustle, hustle GO.

Sometimes waiting IS THE MOST EVOLVED THING TO DO. Letting ourselves off the hook, letting ourselves enjoy now, be enough now, heal, feel, integrate, have fun, brings us back into the flow. We can let go while in the full expectancy of our hope. Letting go is part of the manifestation process. It is not giving up. It is opening up for assistance. 

On the other hand, urgency and force can create a standstill. It can freeze us in place. Oh the irony! And haven’t we all experienced it?  Resistance to where we are binds us to it. Elizabeth Gilbert says it well, “grace will take you places hustling can’t.”

Next week in The Circle we will be exploring what it means to let go:

That balance between keeping hope alive, being open to our needs changing, and being nicer to ourselves about where we are now. Letting go is not giving up. It is letting the light in. 

An addendum: we will check in about exceptions to letting go. Letting go is not the answer when we are in an unsafe situation, or where letting go would create an unsafe situation. How do we identify these exceptions? Some may seem obvious, some not so much. 

And in the company of my sisters I will be sure to share about my latest lessons of letting go!  Hehe.  ;-) 

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